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Announcing edi 1.0.0

less than 1 minute read

Development of embedded systems has become more complex over time and nowadays groups of developers interact with a lot of infrastructure to get the work don...

Real-Time Linux on the Raspberry Pi

4 minute read

Some ten years ago I learned that it is possible to turn Linux into a real-time operating system by applying the PREEMPT_RT patch set. I was more than fascin...

Booting Debian with U-Boot

4 minute read

Several sources (e.g. IoT Developer Survey - slide 29, Samsung Artik - see firmware and Azure IoT Edge) indicate that Ubuntu/Debian based systems are a ve...

Secure By Default ssh Setup

3 minute read

Nowadays - in the funny days of IoT - the majority of embedded devices are reachable over the network. This was not the case some years ago and therefore man...

Infrastructure At Your Fingertips

4 minute read

edi helps you to build development infrastructure but in turn it also uses plenty of it. This blog post is about the latter topic: I am still fascinated how ...

Cross Compiling For Raspbian

4 minute read

As promised in the previous blog post I will outline how we can leverage multiarch in order to speed up the compilation process for the Raspberry Pi.